Friday, July 1, 2016

after 2 years

Assalammualaikum and hello! OMG, almost 2 yrs since my last post?! Where have you been woman?! So many things have happened since then but overall, everything is good. Alhamdulillah.

On work matters, actually today marks 2 yrs I'm with WX and I'm so happy and thankful to have this flexi-work-from-home job with 2 best team members one could ask for. Had a chat with my boss this morning and told her that I feel like I've been around for more than 2 yrs which is good btw. We came into conclusion that our role needs us to master almost all as our team is small (only 3 of us to cover KL, Mysore, Budapest, US hours). Did I tell you about my working hours? I start as early as 4.30am (yes, you read it right) and ends at 1.30pm everyday except for Monday where I got to chance to work normal hours (8am-5pm) and with that, I'm able to catch up with my team mate from Budapest on every Monday as she starts work from 4.30pm-1.30am (KL time). What do I do here? I'm a Research Planner and my main task is scheduling, planning and assigning things to people and main liaison for all the Sales&Account Managers from US, Europe and Asia regions. My boss is KL based and she works normal hours, my team member is in Budapest and covering the Europe hours and as for me, I cover US, KL and a few hours of Mysore (which is about 2.5 hrs behind). For my team, we communicate mostly via emails and Skype but despite the limitation we actually make a pretty good team. We have the same understanding and our working styles are almost the same therefore no issue so far. Monthly call is held thru Skype and my boss and I will go to the office at least once a week, depending on the situation but usually once a week will do.

On personal matters, I'm bibikless :) My maid of 3.5 yrs left early this year..kahwin. Good for her but it didn't ended that well as she gave us too short less than 1 mth to be exact. Actually I was already bibikless from Mar 2015 - Sep 2015 as she went back home to take care of her sick dad who sadly passed away due to old age. Then she decided to come back and work with us after Raya. When we wanted to hire her back, we already told her not to give us short notice if she wants to leave and she agreed but you never know..she only managed to serve us 3 mths before she said she wanted to quit again..ok, nvm and that time we already got a replacement but hubby and I thought, why not we try not to have maid and since I'm working from home, I can actually manage. Kids will be at school in the morning and by the time Mika comes back from school, I'm done with work so should be fine. At the same time, my mom already got a helper and she will come to my house on weekdays from 10am-3pm to help with the house chores etc so things are manageable.

Oh, my brother and sister are both married now with my sister first last August and my brother early March this year. After my brother's wedding, we got to know that I'm pregnant happy as everything is according to plan which is to have another end-of-the-year baby. Sadly, we lost him/her when I was in my 14th week. I was devastated, angry and sad but I received a lot of support from family and friends especially from those who have been on the same boat and it really helped me to go thru the difficult time. It was just 1.5 weeks before Ramadhan but it's ok, every cloud has a silver lining and Allah knows best. So no baby this year..perhaps next year? InsyaAllah :D

It's hard to summarise 2 yrs of update but that's about it. Will try to blog more after this as I have so many things to tell but you see, the only downside of working from home is that you are alone. Sometimes I do wish I'm still with WK as I can see and talk to my friends everyday but nah..I'm happy now. Got to go as Aariq is coming back in 15 mins..later!