Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Day 2: Newbie

Second day in the office and I have to say things are not that bad. Actually this training is meant for the rest of the group except me. Mine is just like an introduction and I will be going for my real training next Wednesday with my line manager. My trainer ni dulu my colleague masa kat WK. The rest of the trainees are non-Malaysians from various countries ie Spain, Mexico, Egypt and Indonesia. There are 8 of us altogether. Dah tiba-tiba I rasa macam outsider pulak. Kat sini takde cube, more like open concept, partition tengah2 je. I was seated at the same table with the VP (who is my former boss), the Managers and Business Analysts. Kat meja ni semua pon pakai laptop, so if they are all not in the office, kosong je la. Alhamdulillah, masuk2 ada kawan. My manager is one sweet lady who is a working mom too. Next to me ada this Malay lady yang helpful and nice and she’s a working mom too. Ada sedikit in common di sini sebab three of us each ada 6 yr old boy. What a coincidence. Senang la nak borak bila dah ada something in common. Tapi today both my boss and my friend are working from home, so just me and myself je. It's common for some of the staff here to work from home. I still have not met my former boss who is now my big boss here. She’s out of office or maybe working from home but she did send me a welcome email. So nice of her and thanks for the warm welcome, appreciate it so much! Even the ex WK guys pon sangat la friendly. Feels like at home. Sure orang lain yang tak tau cerita ingat why la I beramah mesra ni. Rasa pelik jadi newbie balik but it’s a learning process kan. We’ll see how it goes. Bring it on day 2!

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