Monday, June 30, 2014

new month, new beginning, new career, new hope!

Alhamdulillah, new month, new beginning, new career and new hope! A lot of things have happened since I last blogged. Malas pulak nak recall satu-satu but yang penting memang ada ups and downs. Dalam masa 3 bulan tu macam-macam la terjadi. Said goodbye to the company that I've worked with for the past 8 yrs, CBJ office closed by end of June then those who are still there have to relocate to KL office.

It affects majority of us, in other interpretation, same boat, time depart je lain. When I first got to know the news about 5 months ago, memang frust, marah, rasa cam unfair. Lagi sedih sebab the day I found out was the day I lost err..sort of friend. Reason sort of, biar la rahsia :P Tapi with support from family and friends then I pon ada plan nak start my own business, amik courses, I thought OK..this is not that bad. Maybe it’s a sign for me to take a break sebab last time I tukar kerja, memang no break at all. Weekend je rest then terus kerja tempat baru. I thought takpe la, lepas Raya start la cari kerja sebab financial wise pon agak mengizinkan. Hubby pon tak paksa then suruh look on the bright side cakap ada blessing in disguise etc. My plan is memang nak kerja lagi but at the same time buat side business and also take up classes on weekend etc until la I qualified to start my own business. Alhamdulillah, dengan nak tak nak cari kerja ada lagi rezeki dekat CBJ ni rupanya.

End of May, my former boss buzzed me and offered me a job at her company. Not exactly her company but she's like the VP there. She left WK about 2 years ago and was my line manager. I sort of know la about this company before sebab ramai kot from WK now working there. Job scope macam menarik more like scheduling and planning and the best part is I can work from home. Pergi office maybe once a week je kot or when needed. Timing wise will be a bit different sebab I kena start early in the morning sampai la 1.30pm macam tu. Then we can call it a day :) To me I rasa ok kot sebab I dah biasa bangun pagi, ni cam awal lagi la 2 jam macam tu. InsyaAllah petang dah free boleh buat benda lain. Ada la jugak buat pros and cons tapi I nampak banyak positive dari negative. Date start memang awal. I don't have a break actually tapi sebab WK dah let go awal seminggu, tu kira my break la. Bersyukur la kan. Rezeki jangan ditolak, so let's try.