Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Whatever la kan

Have you ever been in the situation when no one understands you at all and by no one I mean no one? Right now I know that I cannot depend on anyone else and I may go insane with all this crazy thoughts lingering in my head but let it be. I prefer to take this matter in my own hands and perhaps have own self pity rather than talking to a person that don't understand me at all. I wish life is simpler but if it is that simple then there's no point of living pulak kan? Oh my what am I blabbing about. Don't get me wrong. Life is good but ada la moment yang buat rasa tak best dan rasa nak punch orang but I'm still good. Going to hug my kids now. Love both of them so much and only them can make me sane (sometimes insane pon ada. Haha). Tired, angry, frustrated, depressed semua la but glad I've let it out here. I only have me so bertabah la wahai hati


Chooyaya! said...

Memang there is a time when we feel like no one understand how we feel and better to keep things to our-self rather than share with others who actually have no idea about how we feel n turn out to be disaster by sharing with them. no one understand. so lebih baik simpan. i feel u.

raF|za said...


Thanks so much dear for feeling me, chewah :) Agree sangat dengan you xoxo