Thursday, February 13, 2014

yea, whatever

Things that really can ruin my day (not having a bad day, fyi. Just thought of listing these things down as encountered 2 situations out of 6 below this morning but the day is still bearable)....
  1. Bossy people with nonsense-arrogant-selfish-attitude
  2. Liars who lie straight to my face and worse of all, they are not good at it
  3. Reckless drivers that put other people lives in danger
  4. Last minute plan that contributes to haywire situation (disclaimer: only if it involves argument, disagreement, unsatisfactory and anything synonym to that)
  5. Hate it when I ask something and the reply is “I don’t know”. Can you at least TRY to find out the answer first? Fine with “I don’t know” but if you add something like this “…but I can check for you” at the end of the sentence that would be great. Brush up your communication/social skill please
  6. People who not minding their own business in other word, busybody

Nevertheless, happy Thursday people!

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