Saturday, February 15, 2014

birthday invite

We were invited to a birthday party and the birthday boy is Mika’s classmate and his mom is actually my old friend masa kat Subang dulu. We were in the same primary and agama school and her mom was my teacher masa Form 2 tak silap. Such a long history kan and masa nak enroll Mika to THA memang I banyak tanya my friend ni for tips and info. Kebetulan our kids sama class, lagi la senang kan. Masa birthday party, terjumpa la few kawan lama yang and they all pon dah ada 2 kids. How time flies! Anyway, the kids enjoyed the birthday party very much dan sebab ada clown. Now semua birthday party kena ada clown kan? Macam incomplete if clown takde. I personally think kids age 4-6 yrs old memang sesuai la ada clown sebab they all dah pandai nak join main games etc. If takde clown pon takpe but games mesti ada and of course gift prizes and goodie bags. Masa I kecik dulu pon my mom ada la few times buat birthday celebration dekat rumah tapi takde la clown and small one je for close friends but games mesti ada. Then if my birthday on school day, sure my dad nanti hantar kek kat sekolah celebrate with my class mates and of course ada goodie bags. I'm going to keep that tradition going for my boys :) Ok merepek apa ni, meh tengok pics.

mika request nak pakai baju Superman ni and of course aariq pon nak
comot dah they all peluh² main

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