Wednesday, January 1, 2014


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Kejap je dah tahun baru like out of sudden eh dah 2014? Here wishing everyone a happy new year. Sama je wish macam last year..May this year brings more happiness, love and success. May Allah bless us always and hope for many good years to come!

Saja nak recap my 2013 :)

- mud slide in PH on 2nd day of 2013
- we were visited by 2 kittens which in the end only one stayed tapi now don't know pergi mana dah
- surprise birthday celebration for hubby 

- not a good month sebab the kids were unwell. kejap ok kejap tak and at the end of the month they were hospitalised :(

- the boys were hospitalised for 4 days 
- but the best part in this month was our trip to Gold Coast! thanks to Abah for sponsoring the trip. memang really helps them to recover la. For me too!

- Mika's sports day
- oh who can forget this..server room terbakar kat CBJ. so the whole office kena relocate to PJ and some kena pergi to KL office. Ada la pros and cons which you can find out more in my entries :)

- MPH warehouse sale and good thing sebab dekat je dengan PJ office so everybody went crazy
- kite flying in PH
- quick getaway with the boys at PD

- our 6th year anniversary and a surprise holiday to Krabi by hubby
- left PJ office in mid June..goodbye horrible traffic and hello CBJ, land of no traffic jam
- welcoming the new addition to the Duts family, baby Emmett!

- Ramadhan datang lagi. Iftar with the girls
- hubby invested on a new property..Alhamdulillah and Congratulations!
- welcoming the new addition to hubby's family, baby Ilyas!

- Syawal bersama family and spend time with the boys sebab cuti lama, so puas la berjalan
- mini project of revamping Mika's room completed
- open house at Umi's
- to close the month of August, the boys muntah² pulak due to stomach flu and time ni la air takde kat my house so tidur rumah my mom and that was our first time overnight at my parents' house in PA

- Abah, Ellie and Tatie's surprise birthday party
- Real Kids will be relocated to Sunway. School hunting started this month
- ERL ride

- I-City trip after 2 years
- busy with school hunting, busy post Gold Coast entries
- Aidiladha at Bahau and a surprise birthday celebration for me and Nana
- celebrate my birthday at Cherating for 3D2N, yeay!
- Kidzania trip with Aju & Rose and our kids
- joint venture with my 2 partners to start an education centre business

- breakfast with the girls
- movie date with Mika
- mini project for living hall upstairs commenced & completed - furniture hunting, paint etc
- sign-up Mika to a new school
- Aariq is now 2!
- WK Annual Event at Sepang Goldcoast
- WK Management Team Building

- WK Xmas Party
- kenduri doa selamat held at Bistari Rainbow
- my grandma is now officially a PH residence staying the same section as mine but on a different side
- school holiday program at Bistari Rainbow with 2 excursions - Farm in the City & Kidzania
- Mika is now 5!
- Mika and Aariq's birthday party which was really awesome - Mika5Aariq2

There, banyak dah tulis. Alhamdulillah for this good year and the highlight of course venturing into something that I really love and hope to do this full time in future. Of course the time spent with family and close friends are priceless. Love you all so much. Thanks for treating me well 2013 and let's hope for a better year and many more good years to come, In Shaa Allah. 

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