Tuesday, September 2, 2014

is it September already?

I think I will start to blog again. Post kejap ada kejap takde. Apa niiii..Reason because sebab dah work from home so jarang nak borak2 dengan orang. I have loads to tell but I have no one to share with macam no real person. Hubby tak kira la. He will listen but will he understand..maybe yes maybe no. Then sometimes cerita tu tak relevant pon nak cerita kat dia..just want to let it out.

Dah 2 bulan on my new job and although tough ie challenges, scenarios etc, I have to say that I am quite happy with myself. Dah boleh faham tapi ada la stuffs here and there yang I still clueless and miss. Oh well, I take it as learning process. I've been in my boss' shoes before, guiding a newbie so I totally understand how she feels but on the other hand, I believe the other party needs to have a lot of patience tuh, ye tak? It takes time to build confidence and also understand so as long as I do my part and understand and learn, I should be on the right track. Having said that, I miss WK very much! Not the work but the culture, the people. Feel like dah lama tinggal WK but 2 bulan je baru. But at least I don't have to go to work everyday, once in a week and it's only till 1pm so macam ok la. Tak la rasa sedih sangat.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Selamat Hari Merdeka!

Today is a public holiday in conjunction of Malaysia 57th Year of Independence Day yesterday. Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka!

*pic credits to google*

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Day 2: Newbie

Second day in the office and I have to say things are not that bad. Actually this training is meant for the rest of the group except me. Mine is just like an introduction and I will be going for my real training next Wednesday with my line manager. My trainer ni dulu my colleague masa kat WK. The rest of the trainees are non-Malaysians from various countries ie Spain, Mexico, Egypt and Indonesia. There are 8 of us altogether. Dah tiba-tiba I rasa macam outsider pulak. Kat sini takde cube, more like open concept, partition tengah2 je. I was seated at the same table with the VP (who is my former boss), the Managers and Business Analysts. Kat meja ni semua pon pakai laptop, so if they are all not in the office, kosong je la. Alhamdulillah, masuk2 ada kawan. My manager is one sweet lady who is a working mom too. Next to me ada this Malay lady yang helpful and nice and she’s a working mom too. Ada sedikit in common di sini sebab three of us each ada 6 yr old boy. What a coincidence. Senang la nak borak bila dah ada something in common. Tapi today both my boss and my friend are working from home, so just me and myself je. It's common for some of the staff here to work from home. I still have not met my former boss who is now my big boss here. She’s out of office or maybe working from home but she did send me a welcome email. So nice of her and thanks for the warm welcome, appreciate it so much! Even the ex WK guys pon sangat la friendly. Feels like at home. Sure orang lain yang tak tau cerita ingat why la I beramah mesra ni. Rasa pelik jadi newbie balik but it’s a learning process kan. We’ll see how it goes. Bring it on day 2!

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Day 1: New office

Today is my first day at new office. Merasa la jadi newbie balik. Selama ni sibuk dok interview, buddy newbie je kan. Now I la newbie. A bit segan sebab ex-WK ramai kat sana but biar la, we are back to being colleagues back. I won't be working directly with them but we rely on each other :) Was greeted by my new boss upon arriving. Terus dia show my place and explain some stuffs. One nice lady and friendly too. Kira ni my 2nd time jumpa dia. First time was masa interview session with her and my ex boss. The thing about this job is I don't have a team to manage dah. Rasa pelik sebab selama ni ada je orang yang you nak monitor but in this case, I la kena monitor. Oh well, it can't be that bad right. New environment, new job scope, new boss..wish me luck! Will tell you more about this company in another entry.

Monday, June 30, 2014

new month, new beginning, new career, new hope!

Alhamdulillah, new month, new beginning, new career and new hope! A lot of things have happened since I last blogged. Malas pulak nak recall satu-satu but yang penting memang ada ups and downs. Dalam masa 3 bulan tu macam-macam la terjadi. Said goodbye to the company that I've worked with for the past 8 yrs, CBJ office closed by end of June then those who are still there have to relocate to KL office.

It affects majority of us, in other interpretation, same boat, time depart je lain. When I first got to know the news about 5 months ago, memang frust, marah, rasa cam unfair. Lagi sedih sebab the day I found out was the day I lost err..sort of friend. Reason sort of, biar la rahsia :P Tapi with support from family and friends then I pon ada plan nak start my own business, amik courses, I thought OK..this is not that bad. Maybe it’s a sign for me to take a break sebab last time I tukar kerja, memang no break at all. Weekend je rest then terus kerja tempat baru. I thought takpe la, lepas Raya start la cari kerja sebab financial wise pon agak mengizinkan. Hubby pon tak paksa then suruh look on the bright side cakap ada blessing in disguise etc. My plan is memang nak kerja lagi but at the same time buat side business and also take up classes on weekend etc until la I qualified to start my own business. Alhamdulillah, dengan nak tak nak cari kerja ada lagi rezeki dekat CBJ ni rupanya.

End of May, my former boss buzzed me and offered me a job at her company. Not exactly her company but she's like the VP there. She left WK about 2 years ago and was my line manager. I sort of know la about this company before sebab ramai kot from WK now working there. Job scope macam menarik more like scheduling and planning and the best part is I can work from home. Pergi office maybe once a week je kot or when needed. Timing wise will be a bit different sebab I kena start early in the morning sampai la 1.30pm macam tu. Then we can call it a day :) To me I rasa ok kot sebab I dah biasa bangun pagi, ni cam awal lagi la 2 jam macam tu. InsyaAllah petang dah free boleh buat benda lain. Ada la jugak buat pros and cons tapi I nampak banyak positive dari negative. Date start memang awal. I don't have a break actually tapi sebab WK dah let go awal seminggu, tu kira my break la. Bersyukur la kan. Rezeki jangan ditolak, so let's try.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Whatever la kan

Have you ever been in the situation when no one understands you at all and by no one I mean no one? Right now I know that I cannot depend on anyone else and I may go insane with all this crazy thoughts lingering in my head but let it be. I prefer to take this matter in my own hands and perhaps have own self pity rather than talking to a person that don't understand me at all. I wish life is simpler but if it is that simple then there's no point of living pulak kan? Oh my what am I blabbing about. Don't get me wrong. Life is good but ada la moment yang buat rasa tak best dan rasa nak punch orang but I'm still good. Going to hug my kids now. Love both of them so much and only them can make me sane (sometimes insane pon ada. Haha). Tired, angry, frustrated, depressed semua la but glad I've let it out here. I only have me so bertabah la wahai hati

Monday, February 24, 2014

mika's progress at THA

So dah almost 2 months Mika sekolah dekat his new school and memang nampak banyak improvement in his reading, spelling and Mathematics skills. Homework tak payah cakap la everyday mesti ada. Writing la, bacaan la, numbers, maths even Mandarin pon ada homework. I tak focus sangat kat Mandarin but mana boleh buat, dia buat la. Bacaan pon every week ada plus spelling too. Walaupon ada sedikit malas nak pergi school every morning, tapi dia ok je and surprisingly his class ramai gaks Malay boys. Of course majority is still Chinese but rasa macam balance la. Dia kena duduk depan sebab from another school kan and teacher nak monitor his progress and whether dia boleh catch-up tak with the syllabus and so far he’s ok, Alhamdulillah. Cuma dia insist nak pakai sweater sebab sejuk dia cakap. Every morning, hubby will send him together with our neighbour’s daughter. Aariq of course nak ikut hantar which is ok sebab satu pusingan je. Although still early to say but I’m happy with his progress. I think we have made the right choice by enrolling him to THA.


 spelling and reading BM and English memang every week ada

Saturday, February 22, 2014

an evening at Putrajaya

Saturday kan memang hari outing sekeluarga so usually we will try to bring the kids out to interesting places and also sebab I pon nak lepak² happy². Suka je tengok they all happy. Mika nanti sure cakap "Seronok la hari ni, Mommy" and that just makes my day. My kids are top priority and to see them happy memang harus la. Jalan² petang tapi memang tak nak gi mall dah, so we all decide to check out Putrajaya. Tengok² kat area masjid ni ada pulak aktiviti menarik. Lebih kurang macam kat Setia City Mall tu. Ada bicycle ride, bubbles, roller blade and etc. I am so tempted to try the roller blade tapi cam dah lama kot tak naik roller blade, mahu tergolek kan depan orang ramai. Dulu time high school memang favourite la. Macam hebat je naik roller blade turun bukit kat SS17 tu..macam je la. Nasib tak jatuh tergolek ke apa but it was fun. 

 best la bubble ni..kids pon boleh je buat
cheeky boys with their cheekiest smile

j kids playground

Breakfast dulu then kebetulan ada Tok Bah, Tok Mi and aunty Zira so breakfast sekali. Just that I tak leh nak makan nasi lemak dia dah. Maybe sebab selalu sangat makan dulu. I had nasi goreng instead, sedap! After that bawak the kids to J Kids Playground, One City Mall. Sebab awal then knowing One City ni memang takde orang kan, ada la 3 families je kot kat dalam tu. They left first and we left 2 hours after that. That place tak besar mana pon, tapi ok la. Cuma slide dia licin then Aariq terknock his nose on the way down. Nasib la tak cedera ke apa, just merah je. So those yang ada kids 2 yrs and below, jangan bagi they all turun sendiri satu sebab laju then licin. If you follow, I was not in a good mood the day before tapi come weekend lupa dah semua sebab I got to spend time with my family and that's all that matters. 

Friday, February 21, 2014

le sigh....

Today feels like a dream for me. I was in reality the first half of the day but somehow I got drifted away the second half. I got to know that someone is leaving too only yesterday and today is that someone's last day. Today is just a not good day for me. I'm angry, sad, frustrated and worried :(:(

Thursday, February 20, 2014

johnny johnny yes papa

Tok Mi ajar dia this song almost every day kot. Terus dia dapat tangkap, pronunciation pon clear. Good job, Aariq!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

mika dan gang taman

Every evening the boys mesti nak pergi taman and Mika ni dia ada gang sendiri kat taman. If kat centre pon ada gang, kat rumah pon ada which is good la. Bagus gaks sebab petang² ada play time baru la balance. Monday, Tuesday and Thursday ada Pre-Kafa, then balik dari class at least dia ada la time nak main² keluar peluh sikit. Aariq pon sure nak ikut main tapi sebab dia takde gang, dia cuma kawan dengan kakak² dan juga bibik. If I rajin, I ikut la they all gi taman. Kalau tak I wakilkan bibik je. Selalu tak rajin la sebab balik office I akan terus ke centre so bila sampai rumah dah penat. Ada 2 boys ni same class ngan Mika so memang gang habis la. Pastu ada this boy yang nama dia pon Mika. I've blogged about this long time ago. Click here. Tak sangka now jadi kawan pulak they all ni. Sebab nama dia dah Mika, Mika request kawan² dia panggil dia Mikhal. Tapi memula tu they all panggil Mika besar, Mika kecik. Mika besar tu of course la my Mika :)

aariq di jaga oleh kakak²
boy baju yellow tu la yang nama dia mika gaks
tshirt kuning tu mika pon ada. What a co-incidence!
if tak silap the other 2 boys tu la classmates mika

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

my zharief aariq

Aariq now dah 2 yrs and 3 months old and at this age, dah banyak gaks vocab dia and of course semakin cheeky and naughty. Pandai mintak if dia tak tahu dia akan tanya “Ni apa? Daddy mana? Apa tu?” Makan pon boleh tahan memilih. Sometimes ok je nak makan sometimes langsung tak nak tapi milk still nak la. Fav food dia kuey teow, ayam penyet (sama je macam Mika), meehoon and spaghetti. I notice Aariq ni prone to meehoon/spaghetti. Toast pon dia suka, roti telur, roti canai. Bila mood dia nak makan tu ada, memang senang la makan tapi kalau takde mood, paksa macam mana pon dapat berapa suap je. Haih..dulu Mika pon macam ni. Korang ni kenapa huh? Pelik betul memilih makanan. Mommy makan je semua tau (tu sebab weight tak turun²!). Aariq ni suka kacau Mika gaks. Sometimes Mika tengah duduk diam tengok tv ke, dia mula la cubit, ketuk kepala, cubit pipi..geram ke apa kamu? Mika if mood ok usually tak buat balik but if tak ok, sure kena dah. Takut gaks sebab size Mika kan XL, Aariq ni M je. Huhuh. Masih manja mommy, apa² pon mommy. If tido malam tu, tau² dah nak pagi dia ada je baring kat tepi. Baby cot tu sebelah katil je, sebab tu senang je dia landing kat sebelah I. If Tok Mi datang rumah, berebut nak duduk atas pangku Tok Mi. Mika pon sama, tak padan dengan besar. Nak manja² gak. Favourite Aariq is nursery rhymes dan dia boleh la recognise colors, ABC, 123, Alif Ba Taa pon boleh follow. Aariq ni macam independent sikit. If makan, dia prefer suap sendiri then I notice if dia kurang cranky kalau sakit unless if betul² sakit. Hope that my boys will grow up and become somebody, InsyaAllah. We love you both so much!

Sunday, February 16, 2014

birthday celebration again

On Sunday, celebrate birthday PIL pulak and they decide buat dekat rumah je sebab buat sekali with Tahlil. Lepak sana sampai 3 ish macam tu then balik before we all keluar balik that evening. Saja bawak the kids jalan² sebab semalam tak pergi mana pon except for the birthday party. Weekend full of birthdays huh?

 kids on sunday morning
baru lepas wave bibik kat luar tingkap sebab my mom fetch her to go to pasar tani
 happy birthday!!
cucu-cucu lain missing pulak in this pic
the birthday cake cum pavlova
not a dessert person so memang tak rasa pon but i'm sure it was yummy

Saturday, February 15, 2014

lepak warung

Done with the birthday party, gi makan² kat warung favourite. Mika syok sangat main makan pon tak nak masa party tuh. Memang Saturday selalu je we all keluar petang² kan, so singgah la makan. Risau betul kalau budak² ni tak makan. Oh well tak risau sangat for Mika sebab dia boleh la nak makan macam² sikit. Aariq ni ada mood tapi dia dah kenyang sebab hubby suap makan nasi lemak kat party tadi. Kat warung ni pon dia ada la nak makan kuey teow so I share dengan dia.

 aariq with his kinder joy..suka sangat

birthday invite

We were invited to a birthday party and the birthday boy is Mika’s classmate and his mom is actually my old friend masa kat Subang dulu. We were in the same primary and agama school and her mom was my teacher masa Form 2 tak silap. Such a long history kan and masa nak enroll Mika to THA memang I banyak tanya my friend ni for tips and info. Kebetulan our kids sama class, lagi la senang kan. Masa birthday party, terjumpa la few kawan lama yang and they all pon dah ada 2 kids. How time flies! Anyway, the kids enjoyed the birthday party very much dan sebab ada clown. Now semua birthday party kena ada clown kan? Macam incomplete if clown takde. I personally think kids age 4-6 yrs old memang sesuai la ada clown sebab they all dah pandai nak join main games etc. If takde clown pon takpe but games mesti ada and of course gift prizes and goodie bags. Masa I kecik dulu pon my mom ada la few times buat birthday celebration dekat rumah tapi takde la clown and small one je for close friends but games mesti ada. Then if my birthday on school day, sure my dad nanti hantar kek kat sekolah celebrate with my class mates and of course ada goodie bags. I'm going to keep that tradition going for my boys :) Ok merepek apa ni, meh tengok pics.

mika request nak pakai baju Superman ni and of course aariq pon nak
comot dah they all peluh² main

Friday, February 14, 2014

more than words

This song will always hold a special place in my heart. Let's just say that I've heard many live versions of it and each is special in its own way

Thursday, February 13, 2014

yea, whatever

Things that really can ruin my day (not having a bad day, fyi. Just thought of listing these things down as encountered 2 situations out of 6 below this morning but the day is still bearable)....
  1. Bossy people with nonsense-arrogant-selfish-attitude
  2. Liars who lie straight to my face and worse of all, they are not good at it
  3. Reckless drivers that put other people lives in danger
  4. Last minute plan that contributes to haywire situation (disclaimer: only if it involves argument, disagreement, unsatisfactory and anything synonym to that)
  5. Hate it when I ask something and the reply is “I don’t know”. Can you at least TRY to find out the answer first? Fine with “I don’t know” but if you add something like this “…but I can check for you” at the end of the sentence that would be great. Brush up your communication/social skill please
  6. People who not minding their own business in other word, busybody

Nevertheless, happy Thursday people!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

si kacak

Oh man, akibat overdose tengok TVD sampai tidur pon termimpi². Isshhh..kalau hot cam Elena tu ok la kan, ni jauh sekali pastu ada hati nak mimpi Damon ni pulak. Sepak kang. Dalam mimpi tu ada few people yang real life pon they all ni exist jugak but yang paling best of course la si Damon ni sebab orang lain real life pon boleh jumpa.

Anyways, I rasa TVD season 5 dah tak sebest cam the previous seasons. First sebab si Elena ni feeling macam berubah². Dah ada bf hot nak jugak kisah pasal adik bf dia tu. Come on girl, make up your mind. Rasa cam benci pon ada. Then I suka Damon masa dia bad boy and masa mula² dia care about Elena. Rasa sweet giler mamat ni, dah la handsome! Haishhh..I love his script too macam lawak². Thumbs up to the writers! Then the bond between brothers memang la sangat strong. Eventhough cerita je tapi memang rasa best. If kat luar pon they all ni suka tease each other (tengok YouTube la kan).

I selalu tengok TVD bila time malam tengah golek² nak tidurkan Aariq. If tanya Aariq vampire mommy (vampire mommy gituh) nama apa dia automatically cakap "Damon" Wah wah wah..Mika pon hari tu tersasul nak sebut lagu yang Demon tu tersebut Damon. Then I ada work with this Aussie editor nama dia S.t.ephen, pronounce macam "Steefen" camtuh la but suka hati I je panggil dia Stefan Stefan. Overdose memang camni la kot..high tak sudah. Ok back to reality please. I don't have anyone to talk about this sebab tak perlu kot nak share dengan orang feeling ala² teenager-nanti-orang-menyampah ni tapi best kot cerita dia. So blog je la. Hubby memang tak nak dengar langsung I bebel pasal TVD. Seriously I need to put a full stop. Kang berjela tulis pasal mamat ni.

ooh la la

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

mika oh mika

Monday was first day of school for Mika lepas break 1 minggu. Lama betul school dia cuti sebab majority Chinese so dia tutup seminggu la. Tapi dia somehow ganti balik time December sebab school cuti 2 minggu je instead of 1 bulan lebih.

Sebelah petang, every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday ada class fardhu ain 3-5.30 kat BREC. Bila I amik dia petang dia sibuk nak main so memang tak la buat homework. Sampai rumah dah petang. Makan mandi and by the time nak buat homework dah pukul 7. Semalam sempat la dia buat semua just one more yang Mandarin writing tu. Dia cakap nak rest jap, tengok² tertidur. Pagi tadi memang kelam kabut la buat, dengan mengada, dengan nangis pagi² memang I bising la kan suka buat kerja last minute. Nasib pre school so dimaafkan. So lesson learnt, make sure homework siap the same day and buat some kat rumah before pergi fardhu ain class and masa tunggu I nak datang fetch dia. Homework teacher bagi boleh tahan la banyak.

Today ada improvement sikit, tapi bila suruh habiskan kat centre dia sibuk nak main. Ok la takpe, go ahead. Tinggal satu je lagi pon. I ajak dia balik awal pon tak nak sebab sibuk nak main ngan kawan dia ni. Usually Izz memang the last one yang balik. Same age they all ni and kalau tak memang satu sekolah dah they all. Dulu plan nak hantar Mika kat sekolah Izz ni jugak. Izz pon ada adik tapi twins and girls, age Aariq. Tak silap Izz ni pon Dec baby. Banyak pulak similarity. Ok la dia ada kawan, bagi happy sikit kan.

siapa cakap boys tak pandai nak posing..ni spontaneous je ni
budak² zaman sekarang

Sunday, February 9, 2014

lepak² at PH

Balik dari IOI mall tu, the kids tidur petang lama betul. Mika yang memang jarang tidur petang pon boleh tidur dan dia la yang paling lama tidur. Aariq, 2 jam dah bangun, Mika almost 3 hours. So dah petang tu, jom la kita habiskan bubble yang balance semalam. This time main kat PH je, kat padang yang tak seberapa ni. Not a proper field la tapi dah ni je the only tempat kat PH, so orang datang sini main kite and lepak². Rumput semua tak terjaga sangat so jangan la harap boleh baring² duduk² ke. Ada orang cakap this place will be the new MPSJ office in future. Entah..we'll see la nanti.

they all jual kite kat sini mahal betul
if kat Kuantan hari tu leh dapat rm15, kat sini rm40 kot yang standard size tu

sunday morning at Nenek Mi's

Had breakfast at PIL's this morning. My MIL masak nasi lemak and made us some sandwiches. It was a nice gathering sebab my first SIL ada then my biras pon ada. So memang berborak la kerja nya. The kids pon suka sebab their cousins pon ada. Main je they all ni. Sarah and Mika main la, the other two tak pandai lagi. Banyak physical action je, berebut barang, ikut lari² but dialog kurang. They all ni ikut je yang besar buat apa. The best part if pergi pagi, after that boleh la keluar terus. No need to rush and all. Balik from BM, we all pergi IOI mall. Initially nak pergi Alamanda tapi macam tak best je..haha..pastu macam malas nak ke arah CBJ/Putrajaya sebab esok nak pergi lagi. 

 tak cukup lagi sorang. next year boleh join dah Ilyas.
if ada baby girl lagi sorang best ni *hint hint*
macam ni je la they all, tu tengah nak berebut buku padahal sorang satu ada dah
aariq pulak jenis if dia nak, dia nak tak kisah la barang sapa pon..ishhh
btw adam is 4 this year. so beza satu tahun je

Saturday, February 8, 2014

fun at Setia City Mall

Kalau weekend memang jarang la ada dekat rumah. If kat rumah pon usually ada la activity be it main with the kids or bagi they all berendam dalam pool or simply lazying around golek² atas katil ramai². Lama dah tak pergi Setia City Mall and kat sana dia ada macam ada outdoor park, so ingat nak check out. Bukan la park as in theme park ke apa, just playground and a big field for people to do various activities there.

Memang kat Selangor/KL ni tak banyak kan park² cantik yang boleh duduk, picnic ke apa..maybe sebab weather pon tak mengizinkan sebab tu limited. Crowd boleh tahan ramai. Then ada la orang jual kite, bubbles, even fish food pon ada orang jual sebab ada tasik kat situ but mahal la..rm2 satu packet kecik, like seriously? Boleh buat duit betul. The kids nampak bubble gun tuh mula la mintak sorang satu. Kat sana cam ada gaks orang jual yang alat nak buat bubble besar. Dia cam two sticks, then ada benang and rendam dalam bekas ada air sabun..not sure for sale ke for rent but first time la I nampak. Budak² ni punya la excited pergi letupkan bubble yang besar² tu and the look on their faces memang priceless. Happy! Bila anak² happy of course mommy lagi happy. Quality time with family is very important you know. I had that when I was small and I want the same for my kids too. Penat sikit takpe, janji banyak aktiviti :)

the only pic of us together
sibuk nak bagi ikan makan
 nice pic kan? ehem ehem

see happy face gituh
 ada ke hubby suruh lompat time ni..errr..takpe laa..over kang
 ada fountain gaks