Thursday, December 5, 2013

WK Xmas Party 2013

This past few days memang sangat busy. Started off with annual event followed by team building then now Xmas Party and best part is, this party was organised by us, the management. Committee members semua we all la including the bosses and all. I was assigned to be in the food committee along with my four other colleagues and I have to say that this is the most crucial part of all. People mesti put high expectation on food kan? Have to come out with best option we can with X amount of money. Event was held in the evening so food ala² hi-tea. Need to serve about 150 people and we opted for finger food so nampak banyak dan meriah sikit. Event started at 2pm with speech then Xmas tree deco, makan and prize giving ceremony. Doorgift is cupcake, we all order from our colleague too. Yang penting everything is within the budget and our Regional Director is satisfied with our selection.

we had lasagna vegetarian, vegetable quiche, assorted french pastries, assorted finger sandwich, mini chicken pies, cheese tart & fruit tart, apple pie, cream puff and tiramisu

xmas tree deco in progress
my team was down with 2 people, so only 5 of us that day
ni la xmas tree tu

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