Sunday, December 1, 2013

WK Management Team Building 2013

Another company event on 30th November tapi this time just the management team. WK ni ada various departments so this is an opportunity for everyone to get to know each other. Majority is my department as there are about 11 managers in total, and about 9 more are from other departments. Tapi that day tak semua pon boleh attend. From other departments, ada 1 person je and 1 big boss where else yang lain² semua from my department. Last year main laser tag, this year we opt for some puzzle games at this place in Subang. Senang nak pergi sebab dekat SS15 je so I know my way in and out, tutup mata pon boleh. Boleh la nak eksyen kan..cuba kat tempat lain. Parking je la leceh tapi sampai awal senang je dapat parking. Game start pukul 10. I was part of the organising committee tolong settlekan snack, doorgift and prizes. I don't mind to do this sebab best. Budget dah ada, tinggal nak spend je. The place yang we all pergi ni nama dia Mission Q. Google to find out more about this place. Oh we have our pics posted in their FB page too. Check them out here!

waiting for briefing session
tie breaker game

blue team rocks!

prize giving ceremony by our Regional Director

red team is the winner for that day

We had hi-tea later at Holiday Villa and event ended at 5pm. Tired but fun!

missing a U there for Kluwer
all participants that day except Regional Director not in the photo

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