Thursday, December 5, 2013

to the new beginning

I think before this I ada mention that I'm working on something so I guess this is the right time to reveal what it is. My very best friend and I ada joint venture with this kakak who is currently running an enrichment centre at Putra Heights. If you know me well, I memang ada interest nak go into this line ie open a kindy and run it and kebetulan masa borak² dengan Erin, dia pon cakap ada interest yang sama but we really need to start from bottom sebab we have no certs and all. To cut long story short, Erin tercontact this kakak. Dulu Erin pernah tanya dia pasal daycare before she move to PH 3 years ago. Kakak ni cakap her business is shrinking reason because dia one man show and dia memang plan nak close dah sebab dia tak larat sangat nak handle. She used to have a daycare centre at a house, a kindy at ground floor and enrichment classes at the top floor but now tinggal top floor tu je. Dulu her centre is called Bistari Putra Heights. Yang dulu² dah duduk PH sure familiar with this name sebab one of the earliest kat PH ni.

She's looking for partner/s to work with her to maintain the centre. So kira macam jodoh la, sebab we all memang berminat nak bukak then kebetulan kakak ni pon cari partner, so we make a new partnership agreement, setup a new company name, bukak account baru and Alhamdulillah, sah dah jadi business partners. This kakak we call her Kak Amie memang ada certs and all and have been in this industry for more than 10 years. She's our mentor and we really hope to learn as much as we can. I'm doing it part time now while Erin will be full come Jan 2014. Centre kat Putra Heights je so can go anytime. Actually dah start discuss this in mid-October itself  and now dah settle with the agreements and all, we all buat kenduri doa selamat hoping for a good start. Just a small one attended by close family, friends and also parents yang hantar anak they all kat sini.

The centre is now known as Bistari Rainbow registered under Rainbow Sense Resourcing. Doakan the best for us pleaseeeee :)

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