Monday, December 9, 2013

school holiday program at Bistari Rainbow

For this school holiday, Bistari Rainbow ada buat 2 weeks of school holiday program. I decide nak enroll Mika sekali. Sebab Rabu public holiday and I need to finish my leaves, amik cuti Monday and Tuesday to monitor the program. First time pergi centre dan jumpa the kids and fell in love instantly. Best la handle kids tapi letih tapi best. Macam-macam ragam ada. It's a full day program by the way.

 introduction and warming up session
time ni few other kids tak sampai lagi
 snack at 10am
 briefing by teacher amie
 drawing activity using wet chalk

Lepas lunch, kids ada nap time. Masa tengah nap tu, elok la Mika nak nap. Hubby work from home today so he fetched me for lunch.

 ni aktiviti petang
t-shirt decoration nak pakai for the trip esok
two girls in front are erin's

 mika with his new found friends
 we are the Bistari Rainbow kids
wrap-up session

Habis session at 5pm. First experience for Mika dan dapat jumpa new friends but Mika biasa la, lambat nak warm up. Nak² lagi mommy dia ada. Manja, mengada² semua ada la. The kids memang cute sangat. Pastu asyik nak gaduh je antara satu sama lain, those yang 5 yrs old la age² Mika ni. Mika pon sama, naughty if mommy ada but it was definitely a good experience for me. Best nyaaaa!! Thank you Allah for this.

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