Saturday, December 21, 2013

preparation for Mika5Aariq2: deco&setup

Macam last year, memang plan nak celebrate birthday the boys together. This time buat kat rumah my mom. Thanks to my parents for sponsoring the venue and food. Deco mostly DIY except for the birthday banner and goodie bags. 

flag yang colourful tu DIY je
my mom rent khemah tu sebab takut hujan, initial plan takde but good la, 
sebab it came with the table cloths, tables and chairs
 cakes by my colleague: Fajulsweetooth
food by usual kakak yang selalu we all order from her if ada makan²
 this candy buffet table special sikit
actually ada ask for quotations from others as well but this one paling cepat respond and reasonable package dia provide and good customer service too so I decide nak go with this on je

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