Saturday, December 21, 2013

Mika5Aariq2: Thanks for coming lovelies!

Thank you to dear family members and friends for coming! We appreciate your presence very much and are very grateful to share this wonderful moment with you. You guys make our day!

erin, wana, nurul, rose & farina
wana and nurul - WK colleagues came all the way from Bangi
rose, ex-MMU - still keep in touch sampai sekarang. dia tak pernah miss any of my invitation so far and our sons sebaya so memang selalu la jumpa
farina kenal masa kat taska mika dulu..keep in touch dear!
my SIL, BIL & family
PIL and another SIL could not make it, sokay
aju - ex MMU and now work mate at WK
farina & family
azwini & family - next door neighbour
nurul and her babies
dzakiyah & family - ex colleague kat HSBC. lama tak jumpa dah ada 2 anak dah dia, happy to meet her!
faz & erin - of course my BFF :)
my mom and sister, orang kuat majlis
with the rest of family brother not in the photo sebab dia pergi wedding then sampai lambat. pukul 5 lebih kot baru sampai. sheesh
top right pic - my 2nd cousins yang duduk PH gaks
oh the man in the middle tu macam selalu buat kerja kat rumah abah, tiba² dia sesat kat situ. huhuh

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