Saturday, December 21, 2013

Mika5Aariq2: Introducing...

For the boys' birthday this year, I think I ada mention before nak go with A&W/KFC kan and since tak jadi, we all decide nak hire clown sebab if ada clown at least ada someone yang boleh arrange games etc for the kids to play. I dapat contact from my friend yang dulu ada invite clown to her son's birthday party. Good choice we made sebab semua orang enjoy the show very much. Walaupon nak contact clown before this event punya la susah sebab the person I liaise with on the phone bukan orang yang sama datang event ni. Dia macam sub² gitu. Even on the event day, masa I try call still tak dapat. Dah start fikir backup plan on what to do if clown takde. Dah la memang tak bayar deposit ke apa sebab that person cakap pay on event day. Sebab tu macam risau sebab takde any agreement. Mika tak tahu pon we all panggil clown so macam surprise for him. Lepas deco, we all balik rumah dulu siap² then bila datang balik around 3.45pm, terus ternampak clown. Memang excited dan lega habis :) Check out this page to find out more about their service: Totally recommended!

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