Friday, December 13, 2013

just a random one

spot Aariq. Sian dia tak sampai nak letak muka kat situ. 

Oh this was taken at KFC restaurant. Memang now theme Superheroes kot if buat birthday kat sini which is memang kena la dengan the boys punya theme. Ada survey gaks tapi sebab price and food wise macam tak berapa then guest pon limited, we strike this off from the list. Boleh tengok kat sini. Besides this, A&W pon I ada call tanya. The nearest one for us is the one kat Kompleks 3K, Subang. Kira jauh jugak. Then I tanya if House Party how dia cakap weekend tak seriously? Price wise boleh la, tapi sebab jauh and not that convenient for us to have it there so ni pon tak jadi. For A&W, you can check out here. Since my mom ok je we all buat kat rumah dia, we don't have to worry about venue anymore. Tinggal benda lain² je.

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