Friday, December 20, 2013

happy 5th birthday Mikhail Haris!

Mikhail Haris is 5 today! 

Since it falls on a Friday, I ambil cuti so boleh spend time with him. Hubby pon cuti but ada urgent stuff pulak he needs to attend to in the morning. Bawak Mika visit his Tok Nyang from dad's side in the morning. Currently at Columbia Nursing Home sebab kena buat physio. Then singgah rumah my mom to check out on the goodie bags. Stay sampai la hubby nak pergi Friday prayer then we all get ready and off we went to Pyramid. Tak celebrate sangat today sebab tomorrow nak celebrate betul² so jalan², makan² simple je. Can't believe he's 5 already. Aariq pon dah 2 tahun. Mommy dia..alahai..banyak tahun lagi la. Anyways, Alhamdulillah for these 5 years with him. May Allah bless you always, jadi anak yang soleh, dengar cakap and hope for a bright future ahead for you and your brother, InsyaAllah. Mommy loves you! 

muka tak sama kan?

singgah sini nak beli tshirts for mika and daddy

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