Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Bistari Rainbow trip to Farm In the City

For this school holiday program, ada 2 excursions. The first one is the trip to Farm In the City, Seri Kembangan. Tak ramai tahu about this place and since tempat ni sangat dekat dan I pernah pergi sini dulu, so I suggest we bring the kids here. 10 minutes drive je from PH. Teacher Amie dengan I drive the kids there together with 2 other teachers. Secara tak langsung nya, I pon jadi teacher la sebab budak² ni panggil teacher. Sampai sana around 10am and since this is considered macam school group, we all amik package sekali with pony ride. Dapat drinks sekali. Kids were given snack at 10.30am and although weather panas, they had so much fun interacting with the animals. This is a petting zoo, so boleh la nak pegang². We were there sampai almost 1pm and for lunch, semua makan nasi goreng cina. 

I letak some pics here but you can see more by clicking here!

kids before leaving with their own designed tshirts
 group photo

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