Saturday, November 23, 2013

WK Annual Event 2013

As always company's annual event limited to employee only. This time around buat dekat Sepang Goldcoast which is about an hour drive from CBJ. Mula² ingat nak naik transport provided by the company but macam leceh sebab takut balik lambat etc. So I volunteer to drive and convoy with another car to the place. Gather kat office pukul 2.15pm then sampai sana at about 3.15pm, just in time for registration. 

This event ada 2 category. One is called The Amazing Race and another one is the Extreme Park. Sebab malas nak berlari² semua, my friends and I pilih Extreme Park tapi tak extreme sangat pon. For this, ada 4 activities we all boleh buat. Nak buat semua boleh tak buat pon takpe. 

Done with the activities, we all kena gather balik at 7pm for dinner. Ada lucky draw, games and prize giving ceremony for the Long Service Award. I was lucky that night tapi hadiah biasa² je. Pushed off from there around 9.30pm and sampai CBJ balik at 10.30pm. 

Verdict of the event, ok if buat siang sebab tempat jauh. Games so so and food too. I suka yang last year punya dekat Lagoon. That one paling best. 


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