Tuesday, November 12, 2013

the schools that made their ways to the shortlisted list

In case you guys are searching for the schools and suddenly got directed here, here are the details about the registration fee and all for both schools :) After surveying school after school (Brainy Bunch, GA, Tadika Sinaran Intelek) we have shortlisted these 2 schools (The Heights Academy and Tadika Krista) yang we all rasa ok for Mika in terms of number of student per class and program offered. Money wise memang la nak kena consider too tapi for us yang mana Mika comfortable with and met our criterias. That way Mika rajin la nak pergi school. The decision to come later. Still deciding ni..pros and cons etc. Masalah negara betul bila nak decide school for Mika. 1 bulan lebih dok survey je sebab too many good schools in PH :)

Gigih sangat survey sampai crumple dah paper.

 Tadika Krista
The Heights Academy/Tadika Sinar Millenium

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