Saturday, November 9, 2013

survey school lagi

So we went to The Heights Academy open day. Not our first time there sebab dah datang last month jumpa the principal and to check out the place. Mika loves the school. Dok la cakap nak duduk bilik sejuk. Personally I suka gaks the school. Location wise memang dekat sangat dengan rumah. Boleh jalan je, selang 2 lanes. Cuma dia takde agama class but masa cakap dengan one of the teachers, dia cakap plan nak buat next year. Then I have a friend who also sends her kids there. The elder tu memang age Mika so maybe boleh kawan sama nanti. Program wise, I hope Mika boleh la adapt. Oh well, another school to survey this Monday before we make our decision. Tapi for now, we are ok with THA :)

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