Tuesday, November 5, 2013

breakfast session with the girls

Had a breakfast session with the girls masa cuti Awal Muharam. Semua pon busy dengan hal masing² kan so we thought breakfast senang plus the PH was in the middle of the week, chance of everyone available is quite high. Pukul 8.30, Erin, Ereen and me dah sampai. Erin and I pergi sekali, neighbours kan :D Tak lama lepas tu Faz sampai tapi Eisha dearie sampai almost 10 sebab she overslept. 

Decide nak breakfast kat La Bodega, Empire sebab senang for everyone to go. Erin, Ereen and I cannot stay that long but we were there lama jugak la, till almost 12 noon. Macam² nak cerita, macam² nak share. On that very day, Erin and I broke a news to the girls too about our plan. We need their support :) Ermm, that news I dah share with my close family and friends but yet to reveal here. Nanti la when the time is right. 

 pic taken by eisha..sampai² je amik gambar we all
 erin and ereen
with faz dearie
 eisha with her sunglass..always :)
since takde orang nak amik kan pic, meh la kta amik sendiri
nampak macam siblings tak?

It was a great session girls, as always. Dah la time lepak tu, dia pasang semua lagu from the 90s. Memang kena betul :) Must have this session at least once in a month

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