Saturday, November 16, 2013

birthday dinner for aariq

Last year pon we all celebrate birthday Aariq on this same date. Tapi masa tu ramai² la with the extended family and all. For my family, birthday memang usually we all akan celebrate. Dulu time kecik² my mom rajin organise birthday party for me to celebrate with friends. If birthday jatuh on weekdays, my dad akan tolong hantar kek kat sekolah together with the goodie bags then celebrate together with classmates. I want to keep that tradition with my kids. Aariq boleh la kot nak celebrate kat school nanti but for Mika susah sikit sebab his birthday tu selalu time school holiday. Tapi come to think of it, celebrate with friends ni sampai certain age je. Bila dah besar² mana ada dah party² ni. Eh wait..what's with this long introduction..sigh. Terbabas sudah.

Anyways, we had dinner at Serai but not at Empire but at Cyberjaya. Berbeza sungguh Serai kat sini compare with the one kat Empire. No need to queue dan sangat la kosong. Sesuai la for those nak relax, tak nak kelam kabut. Parking semua pon senang but no shopping mall whatsoever la. Tempat makan semata². For us, Empire and Cyberjaya distance lebih kurang je but we opt for Cyber sebab senang.

 birthday boy
 nasi goreng for kid ni sikit sangat
mika makan je dah almost semua so have to order another one

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