Thursday, October 10, 2013

will update soon

Sekarang dah October but boleh tak baru nak update pasal Gold Coast trip last March? Boleh je. Macam rugi la tak update sebab I upload some photos je in my Instagram which linked to my FB and that's it. Not to say rugi orang tak tengok ke apa but for my own reference la. Plus our first family trip ramai² ni ke over the sea. The kids untung la, kecik² lagi dah naik aeroplane. Mak dia darjah² baru naik. Daddy dia tak yah la cakap, masa kecik dah dok oversea so hush *jealous*

Oh well, I will do it by part dan tak sure la bila boleh sampai part last. We all pergi a week after the kids were discharged. Memang ngam² one week dan agak risau sebab tak dapat nak pergi trip ni and ada plan nak move the dates and all but Alhamdulillah, doc bagi approval and we were set to fly that following week. Last Feb & March, my sister went for her sinus operation then the kids pulak unwell so holiday ni memang a bonus for us. It really helped the kids to gain their appetite back and of course we as parents happy la. All of us were :)

Stay tuned for the posts!

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