Friday, October 11, 2013

which one??

We went to survey Mika's new school today. Actually dah survey BBIM kan hari tu but somehow we don't feel that's the right school for him. Then we all survey GA gaks but don't quite meet our expectations.

So survey la another 2 school. The first one is Tadika Sinaran Intelek, located at Seksyen 8. Ada ramai gaks recommend to check out this school sebab the one and only school (if tak silap la) in PH yang offer Cambridge English Young Learners program. Tapi yang recommend tak pula hantar their kids here :) The principal, Pn Ros is one friendly lady. The way dia explain and all memang very detail and honestly lepas jumpa terus rasa nak enroll Mika here. Environment wise, dia lebih kurang macam Real Kids but more open. From the photos nampak banyak outdoor activities. I rasa if Mika masuk this school, dia senang nak make friends kot. This school pon memang prepare 6 yrs old for standard 1 but takde pulak yang I kenal hantar anak dia kat school ni except for this one blogger. I even buzzed her to find out more about this school :) Her kid is the same age as mine so if I enroll Mika kat sini boleh la kenal (eh..situ pulak).

I suka cara Pn Ros tu explain, macam mak² kita and she has experience managing CEC and Q-Dees before so dia apply concept lebih kurang to her own school. In term of swimming class, this school has one and also gym class just like RK and honestly I rasa Mika will like it here. Swimming tu I have to make him go sebab since dah start kena dive in, dia dah tak nak swim kat RK.

Good thing is this school ada FB page and also blog, so senang nak tengok activities held at school. Fee wise pulak, ok sangat. Cheaper than RK but that's not the issue. Yang penting environment and whether Mika boleh adapt ke tak. Click here to see the blog and the school's FB page.

Tadika Sinaran Intelek
*pic taken from their FB page*

The other school we all survey that day is The Heights Academy, located at Seksyen 7. Dekat je dengan rumah like selang beberapa baris. Facility wise this place nampak selesa and although dia apply montessori concept but for 6 years old, dah prep kan for standard 1. Fee wise lebih kurang RK and the principal is a friendly lady too. I have a friend who sends her kids here (the eldest one is Mika's age) and another one at SL, Putra Avenue.

Oh The Heights ni last time known as San Lorenzo Montessori but next year onward they will be on their own. No more franchise with SL dah. In term of socialising, I think Mika macam susah sikit nak adjust mula². Dia ni nampak je cam happy go lucky but if tak kenal orang dia malu habis. Total fee if this school is extra rm600 per year and no swimming class/gym class but they will be exposed to a lot of programs la. Best sebab for this school, end of the year punya school holiday, dia tutup the last 2 weeks of December so macam tak perlu risau nak buat aktiviti apa for school holiday. Time wise biasa la, 8-12 noon. Dekat pon dekat dengan rumah but yang buat I risau, Mika boleh ke adapt kat sini nanti?

Headache tau nak cari school. Plus this is his last year. Memula I suka yang ni, pastu suka yang tu pulak. Now serious tak tahu nak masuk school mana dah. Pros and cons pon ada. I is pening..need to decide by end of next week sebab both schools macam limited je place.

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