Monday, October 14, 2013

our raya eve

Working day for me. Memang tak plan nak cuti sebab ada something important clearing today. By right clearing today but due to some issues, clearance has been delayed to Wednesday. Not me la yang clearkan, my anak buah :) Ok la, that gives us more time to do the checking and whatnot. Balik from office, we all hantar bibik balik rumah kakak dia and we headed to P.i.zza vs Satay for dinner.

Food kat sini not bad la. Nasi goreng dia my kids suka. Aariq loves pasta so that night I order aglio oglio for myself share with Aariq. Mika had a plate of fried rice to himself and side orders are satay and pizza. Tapi tak habis pon pizza, kena pack bawak balik. That night kan raya eve tapi macam hari² biasa je. Siap layan TWD lagi..oh season baru dah keluar, 1st episode baru. Can't wait for to watch the next episodes. Lama dah TWD ni..since 2010 kot?

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