Saturday, October 5, 2013

kindy hunting..again!

As mentioned in earlier post, we need to find new kindy for Mika. Actually in our mind macam dah fix nak hantar dia ke BBIM so we went to check-out that school la. The lady yang bawak tour around the school is one nice lady and nampak semua orang kat situ very friendly but that day ada exam apa entah going on so macam kelam kabut sikit. Eh tapi open day kan? The centre macam tak fully prepared for the open day ke belum prepare lagi, I have no idea sebab time tu cam staff² keluar masuk and everywhere. 

What can I say about BBIM..the kindy don't really meet our expectations la. Not to say we have high expectations ke apa but we were hoping something like RK. It's a montessori and we are well aware of that cuma bab² lain like gym class, school trip and all macam don't really meet our expectations. For example for swimming and gym classes, kena pay extra where else at RK, semua ni included. The fee pon tak sama macam branch lain, a little bit expensive as compare to other branches and for that X fee, we still need to top-up Y fee pulak. RK ada la Y fee but tak sebanyak as BBIM punya. 

It's not about the money really, sebab if ikut kan we all nak enroll kan Mika to the Star program tapi sebab dia banyak hidden fee then in return tak dapat macam we all nak, so macam rasa errmmm..tak kot hantar sini. Lepas tu fikir² balik, we all macam prefer school yang bukan atas shop lot. At least budak² ada fresh air and boleh buat outdoor activity. 

After BBIM, we all survey gaks GA. GA's school hours pendek sangat to me. 3 hours at school dan morning session full pulak. Classes dia nicely decorated but tuh la, disadvantage sebab PM session then school hours dia yang kejap sangat. 

Another 2 more schools to survey and honestly I macam suka this one school tapi dia bukan la franchise ke apa. Just a normal kindy with good program as recommended by some of my friends at PH. We'll see la how. Susah eh nak cari school ni..headache.

ok jangan terkejut..belum berhijrah lagi but oh well, this is a start 
shawl done by my sister. berbelit² i tell you 

time ni nak naik atas to GA
i look weird but entah, i feel comfortable je :)

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