Friday, October 18, 2013

Day 6 part i - Check-out & Harbour Town again

18 March 2013

Sadly this is our last day in GC. Flight back malam tu, pukul 11. If kat Aussie check out time is at 10am. Boleh nak late check-out but sebab ada plan and also relatives here, boleh la nak tumpang solat, fresh up etc before going to the airport. Lucky us! :) Apartment, nanti if ada masa, I explain more in another entry. Memang sangat recommend if nak duduk sini. 

what? we are leaving already?

To kill the time and also because tak puas shopping semalam, not me yer, we went to Harbour Town again. The kids nak naik train ride yang bawak pusing² around Harbour Town tu, so ok la.

when will i see you again?

That day pulak tak panas sangat, more like windy. Duduk² kat luar ni layan the kids. Lunch we all makan Kebab je tapi the kids masih ada bawak bekal nasi. 

mika bullying aariq

Singgah rumah my uncle after that, freshen up and whatnot. Sempat la we all makan nasi lemak. Almost 6 hari tak jumpa nasi lemak bila jumpa cam sedap sangat. Sambal dia sedap, memang bertambah la makan pastu my aunt sempat bekalkan for the kids to eat later. Thank you so much Uncle A and Aunty J for your hospitality. Dari tolong check-in, beli kan groceries, dinner, pizza, then bagi recommendation to this and that and not to forget pinjam kan tempat for us to kill the time. Sebab our flight pukul 11 malam, so imagine if we have no where to go. I don't think you will read this but from the bottom of our hearts, we thank you both for everything! 

******** end of day 6 part i ********

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