Thursday, October 17, 2013

Day 5 part ii - Robina Town Centre & Surfers Paradise Beach

17 March 2013

Done with shopping more like my mom and sister je yang banyak shopping, we all singgah rumah my uncle to send my dad. My uncle ajak dia for a golf session pulak. They live at Robina which is tak jauh jugak from our apartment. Say 20 mins drive? Dah drop my dad then we all lunch dulu kat Robina Town Centre.

can u spot our Starex?
Since Nandos kat Australia adalah Halal, makan tu je la

On the way balik, singgah japs kat beach. Esok dah nak balik dah so this is the only time nak pergi. Plus weather macam best je. Windy² sikit dan sejuk! Dapat jugak jejak kaki kat Surfers Paradise beach. Aariq ok je tak takut air, Mika tak nak turun langsung. Dia kan geli dengan pasir tu.

baru bangun tidur, muka pon emo
love it!
my Umi
i found this photo funny. birds tu posing ke apa for my brother
with koala like mickey mouse
konon angin kuat sampai terbang la..mmg kuat pon angin time ni
singgah rumah my uncle an his wife made us these. Thanks aunty J!

******** end of day 5 ********

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