Thursday, October 17, 2013

Day 4 part iii - Fish & Chips @Broadbeach

16 March 2013

Only that evening dapat jumpa my uncle and his family. They suggest this one fish and chop restaurant kat Broadbeach which is about 10 mins je kot from where we stay. Before makan, meet up kat one this big park. The park tak ingat pulak nama apa but macam children playground, memang buat safety gate. At least bila the kids main, parents tak perlu nak risau tiba² kids lari ke arah jalan etc. Park dia pon macam best. Even adults can play too. 

spider web swing
right in the middle of the makan place ada this merry-go-round
grr..gemuk nya yang tengah tu
big portion of fish and chips plus fried calamari
this manja boy dah nak tidur dah time ni
dulu habit dia if nak sleep suka nak main rambut

Done with dinner, we made our ways back to the apartment. Tak cakap goodbye lagi sebab we will still be meeting them esok dan esok nya :)

******** end of day 4 ********

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