Monday, October 21, 2013

Day 3 – Birthday/Check-out

So someone is a year older today. Alhamdulillah. I’m happy with what I have achieved so far dan sangat bersyukur dengan apa yang ada sekarang. There’s a new opportunity too waiting in which I will share when the time is right so macam look forward sangat to a brighter future, InsyaAllah. Apart from another year older which I hope wiser too, I’m just thankful to be surrounded by the loved ones be it family or friends. Hubby brought me and the kids for short getaway, so sangat appreciate his effort walaupon both of us macam not well that period. Hadiah mana hadiah? :D

That morning before breakfast, ada cake cutting session. Sempat la nyanyi happy birthday. Cake one piece je, tu pon tak habis. Our family bukan kaki kek sangat. Not really a surprise la sebab I ada je masa hubby belikan kek then konon nak surprise lepas mandi they all nak nyanyi, tapi I laju sangat tak sempat. It’s ok, I appreciate it very much.

After breakfast kids request nak swimming and main pasir for one last time. We had fun at the beach sebab macam quiet je. It was Monday, hari kerja..crowd pon takde la. Wave surprisingly kuat, maybe sebab pagi kan. Mika had fun with the wave, main lompat². Bukan Mika je, I pon. Aariq pulak concentrate main pasir sampai tak kisah kena tanam. Dia relax je duduk diam. Bila they all happy, of course I pon happy.

Balik bilik Aariq took his nap, tunggu dia bangun then at 11 kot we all dah check-out. Lunch dulu then baru gerak balik. The end of our short getaway/birthday celebration.

aariq baru sangat bangun ni 
muka pon biasala masam je. last pic tu dia tengok mika slack je
  baju aariq ngan mika tu mmg plan pakai sama
but hubby and i coincidentally je sama and match with the kids pulak
 see you again! don't know la when but it was a great getaway

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