Sunday, September 15, 2013

september babies

The day before Malaysia day, we held a surprise birthday for the September babies in our family. Ada Abah, Ellie and also an advance one for Tatie. Told you kan birthday we all semua dekat². Plan nak buat surprise ni pon ada la 2 weeks before kot. Initially ingat nak buat kat Zam-zam Cafe @Damansara but later tukar venue ke Belanga @Empire which is closer and convenient for everyone. Theme for the event, denim, blue and white. Orang kuat for this of course my cousin Nana and my sister. They all la yang plan, tolong setup kan the place, beli kan props and gifts. Menteri kewangan pulak ada dua orang. My uncle and also my mom. I sponsor cake je. Haha. 

Gather kat sana by 6pm. My mom's siblings & Tok Mak semua ada kecuali my uncle lagi sorang, sebab tu macam ala² family gathering gaks. Orang yang disurprisekan mesti la terkejut. Abah lagi la tak expect sebab dia ingat birthday party tu for anak² buah dia. Dah la dia sampai awal sikit dari my two cousins. So funny. Glad it all went well. A good family gathering indeed with great food and place. 

tak silap there were 19 adults, 2 kids and 1 baby

  3 boys in the family..belum ada girl lagi. who's next?
mika sporting je pakai party hat sampai la habis party

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