Thursday, August 29, 2013

that lovely feeling

Tengok babies rasa macam nak baby lagi. Tapi cam nak go thru all the process cam alahai..I don't mind the baby part but pregnant part tu. Pre-pregnancy weight pon tak dapat lagi..bukan time Mika yer, Aariq pon tak dapat lagi if pregnant lagi sure lah bertambah² gemuk. Rindu nye zaman bf. Time Aariq dulu 5 months je kot but better from Mika yang bf the first 2.5 mths je. My cousin yang baru deliver memang fully bf her baby. Respect! Actually to all mothers yang BF their babies, I memang respect habis. InsyaAllah if ada lagi baby pas ni, I nak fully bf. Enough talk..back to work now

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