Friday, August 2, 2013


So last Friday night tertengok this movie"The Intouchables". Baru Premier dekat HBO ke FMP. At first macam tak layan sebab that movie is in French but after 10 minutes watching it, eh macam best je. It's a comedy-drama film and the plot is inspired by a true story. I'm always a fan when it comes to true story sebab the story will be about life and although not 100% accurate but macam real life story made into movie la. Sempat la pause kejap sebab nak masak nasi goreng for sahur. Actually yours truly tak berapa suka nak masak pagi² so if terasa nak makan nasi goreng ke, I usually masak malam² tu, then reheat je pagi. Ni pon hubby yang baik hati tolong masakkan with me supervising. Tak nak kacau bibik sebab that time dah 10pm and usually malam I bagi dia rest la sebab one day dengan the kids kan. Back to the movie, I think it's must watch movie sebab macam funny. Ada je benda buat I gelak. Go and watch yea? :D

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