Wednesday, July 3, 2013

surprise baby shower

Wana & Hanna organised a surprise baby shower for one of our colleagues, Nurul. She is due just before Raya. Better buat baby shower awal sikit, nanti takut tak sempat kan? Deco, door gifts and all were handled by these two and they did an amazing job! Semua benda pon comel². The venue pon ok, cozy je. Memang Nurul nampak sangat terkejut, dia tak expect langsung something like this. Glad she loves it. Some photos  below.

semua pon colourful..more to pink purple sebab she's expecting a girl
this is her 2nd one. don't be fool by her size ye
the first pic says it all..memang dia tak expect
the attendees..ada 11 orang in total
ni kira lunch buddies time kat PJ dulu
with her gifts
i bagi bag Hello Kitty tu
bermacam² spaghetti and one risotto
everybody posing with their food
yang ada mussel tu mesti i punya
cake cutting..cake & mug di sponsor oleh Wana. Nak contribute dia tak bagi

Done with that, ada photo session pulak kat office which to come next..stay tuned!

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