Monday, July 22, 2013

light at the end of the tunnel

On work related matter, actually dah lama stuck with this project. From last year to be exact. Dari last year asyik la buat research, case studies, analyse then tiba² je stuck bila end of the year. Dapat direction to hold the project first. OK takpe, kita take five dulu dan buat other things. Then come March this year dah kena resume work on this project. More research needed, more findings needed, more reports to be generated dan macam² la. Usually project kan ramai² but not this one. Just me and one manager doing the 1st phase, then bila dah nak handover baru la involve kan my direct manager. I have to say that I am proud to manage this alone (bagi chance la nak show off sikit. Penat sorang²). Brainstorm pon sorang² sebab the manager dia macam supervise dan bagi instructions je. In the end I have to do it, like it or not. The manager that I am working with is superb. She knows every single thing and has a lot of info. So without her, this project is not going to be a success too.

Lepas project dah approve, ada handover session and this week ada someone from Sydney office datang nak train the people here on the products. Seronok sebab all the hard work macam tak sia² je and you can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. Chewah..though I tak pernah langsung handle the products but sebab dah involve with the project, kena la study about the products kan dan rasa macam best pulak training sebab dah faham. Tapi the project tak stop kat sini je. Implemention mode is next. So let see how after this. Can't wait to see the result and I'm sure this handover thing is going to be an easy peasy one sebab this is not a new thing to people in CBJ. OK, I've talked a lot and glad to let it all out here. Saja je bising pasal kerja sebab a bit relief la can make it a reality (orang lain banyak project tak bising pon! err..suka hati la)

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