Friday, June 28, 2013

movie with a very deep meaning

The other day I watched this movie called The Impossible. It's based on a true story and about this family who was caught in the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami incident. They were on holiday at Thailand when that happened. The family got separated and the mother was badly injured but hey they survived! It was all bright and sunny when the tsunami hit. Takde ribut ke apa. It came without a warning. Tapi if you watch the real vid clips on YouTube, ada la nampak, air tiba² macam kena tarik ke tengah laut. I guess that was one of the visible warnings. Paling teruk bandar Acheh la. Air punya banyak. When I was at Krabi the other day pon, ada la terlintas pasal tsunami tapi tak fikir sangat. Kalau fikir duduk dalam hotel je la kan tu pon belum tentu selamat. Tapi if benda nak jadi, jadi la kan. Semua pon kuasa Allah. If orang offer nak rumah depan laut tak, oh well thank you very much. This one I dapat from Google. To know more about the movie, just google je. Also go to YouTube and watch the videos there. Check out the tsunami real videos tau.

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