Friday, June 21, 2013

latest addition to the family

Received a whatsapp message from my cousins last Friday right after lunch saying that their sister is already in labour. What? Seriously? I macam berapa kali je jumpa time dia pregnant and now dah masuk labour room? Actually dah almost due date, early 2 weeks macam tu. Cepat² arrange with mom and sister nak pergi visit that Friday evening gaks. Hubby ada hal, so dia tak boleh nak join that day. We went to SDMC at 7pm and by that time dah selamat deliver a healthy baby boy. Alhamdulillah. Walaupon anak buah yang ke-5 tapi sebab my cousins and siblings sangat close, we all dah macam siblings dah. All this while jarang orang panggil I aunty so now excited la jadi aunty knowing that lepas ni mesti selalu jumpa kan, In Shaa Allah. To my cousins Ellie & Hafshad, congratulations on your new bundle of joy!

They (except for Hafshad sebab belum kahwin lagi but then, dah kenal dia lama sgt dah) were there masa Mika and Aariq were born and I want to be there also to support them. Excited ni dapat baby baru.

yg depan dan belakang memang sisters..yang kiri dan kanan pon
ada iras tak? 
lepas ni mika kena share aunty nana fav dia ni
oh that's the new daddy..memang ngam la semua orang
my aunty of course sangat happy dapat first grandson
my mom and her sister, lebih kurang je mereka :)

the latest addition to the duts family
geram nya!
nama belum ada lagi..tunggu hari ke-7

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