Friday, June 14, 2013

last day

Sedar tak sedar dah 2 bulan lebih we all kat data recovery centre ni and it’s our last day today. Feel like semalam je I blog about this. Semua excited nak pack barang and can’t wait to go ‘home’. But ada la mixed feeling sebab for the past 2 months, my colleagues and I pagi sure breakfast sama², then lunch pon sama² and we are in a large group. Hopefully dapat la lunch sama² lagi nanti when we are back in CBJ. I don’t miss the travelling part though..having to wake up as early as 6am in the morning, then keluar rumah pukul 7, sampai office an hour and 15 mins later sebab jam..certainly don’t miss that part. Biar la orang cakap CBJ tu jauh kat hujung dunia, lonely, tak happening but I like it there. Sekarang pon macam² dah ada kat sana, so slowly kan. Yang penting, tak ambil masa nak pergi kerja dan balik. If nak tukar kerja, I will make sure it’s in CBJ too.

The management of this data recovery facility has efficient customer service I tell you. Cakap je nak apa, sure they will try to provide. Dulu rule cakap tak leh makan kat floor then we all request for water dispenser and coffee machine but they gave us a small pantry instead complete with fridge, microwave, fridge, two water dispenser and one coffee machine and guess what, there's a TV with Astro too. Time tengah renovate tu, I tanya my boss banyak kali la jugak sebab nak permanent ke kat sini. Excellent customer service from this centre and thanks for your hospitality. For wrap up, they are organising a farewell lunch for us today.

Then we told them the wall macam kotor, they asked us what color we want them to paint..and so we told them green it is as per our company’s colour. Oh 'we' here maksudnya Admin la kot. My departmemt not involve pon. Will try to snap some pics of this facility and post them here.

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