Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Krabi - Hotel Review

Honestly, I was not involve at all with this hotel booking. Semua nya hubby yang buat and knowing him, selalu nya taste dia not bad la when selecting the hotel. Tak kisah la kat mana² but usually memang satisfied with his choice. He said the hotel that he booked macam not really located at the town, about 5 mins away by shuttle tapi the rating in booking.com macam tinggi. We stayed at Phu Pi Maan Resort and Spa and it was really a great hotel for those yang suka kan a bit of privacy.

Room was spacious and complete with the essential stuffs. Hotel staffs are very friendly and the food serve here are Halal so you don't have to worry about food at the hotel. Ada free shuttle that will take you from hotel to the Ao Nang town then if nak balik, boleh ask them to pick-up at any of the three pick-up points. Just that this hotel has 3 levels only so no lift la but worry not there will be people to help you with your luggage if you need help with.

Environment and hotel deco is nice. Macam kat kampung. Overall I'm really satisfied with the service. Now the price..per night is around RM270 but totally worth it sebab if kat KL, price macam ni bilik pon biasa² je. Will we go back to this hotel? Yes! Do you recommend this hotel? Yes! Just be aware la kat sini tak bising so if you suka night life yang just walking distance, you might want to check-out hotel yang betul² dekat town.

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