Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Krabi - Day 3 (See you again Krabi!)

On the final day, we spent the time at hotel je. Too tired to go out plus kena check-out at 12 then to the airport straight. Flight is at 2.30pm. Somehow I'm glad that it's just a short vacation sebab kalau lama² tak tahu pon nak buat apa. Then rindu dengan the boys lagi. Have to thank hubby for this trip. Thanks for making me love you more. Chewah..next year kita nak pergi mana pulak? Demand sungguh. 

From hotel to airport, the charge is THB800. Mahal sikit sebab naik pon Alphard tapi convenient la dia terus amik from hotel. Made a quick stop at this souvenir shop and we only bought cake sebab tak terasa nak beli apa² dah. Flight was on time and see you again Krabi! Next time we will bring the boys along. When I told the receptionist that I have two boys, dia macam tak percaya. Ingat we all datang for first honeymoon. Oh well, bagi chance la feeling muda²

Airport dia takde apa sangat. We safely arrived at LCCT at 4.30pm like that sebab dah loose one hour. Had a great time at Krabi..just the two of us. Who said dah ada anak tak boleh nak enjoy? Boleh je, kena plan betul² and I think it's important to do this at least once a year. Tak pergi jauh² pon takpe, just one or two nights alone without the kids :)

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