Monday, June 10, 2013

Krabi - Day 2 (Ao Nang At Night)

Lepas dah rest, we took the shuttle to Ao Nang sebab nak tengok night life plus dinner. Sempat la try pancake, beli some stuffs and later on to dinner. Tengok ramai orang makan kat Bamboo Seafood Restaurant so we decided to give it a try. The food ok la not bad tapi service is super slow! Tengok tak la ramai orang pon tunggu but don't know why slow benar. A bit expensive too maybe sebab dia kat town kan. If you all pergi sini, recommend to go to Chaba Seafood Restaurant sebab jauh lebih murah. For dinner that night, total cost is THB870 and the dish we all amik tak la sebanyak the night before, takde lauk² seafood pon. Good thing is the owner is nice enough to lend us his phone to call the hotel for pick-up. Dah la time nak balik heavy rain. Nasib we all dah round dulu baru dinner. 

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