Sunday, May 5, 2013

voting day

Last Sunday was a voting day for all eligible Malaysians. Dah move to PH tapi still register dekat Subang, so kena la pergi Subang to vote. Hubby pulak dekat PJ. Hubby awal lagi dah pergi and that time crowd ramai la sebab gate pon belum bukak. I pergi sekali dengan my mom, brother and sister around 10. By that time nak pergi, hubby dah balik dah pon. Just nice la sebab tak boleh nak bawak Mika takut leceh. Had to wait for about 45 mins to vote but it was okay. Not too bad the queue. This is my second time voting and I'm glad that I've done my part as a Malaysian. To the winners, congratulations and please do your job as we depend on you. Yang tak menang, it's OK. Don't give up and keep on fighting as long as you are on the right track, the nation will support you. Tak nak la gaduh² and all, enough is enough and everyone should move on for the right cause.

while waiting
had lunch at one of the restaurants at USJ
tengok left and right semua pon macm baru vote lepas ni
came home and this masam boy concentrate tengok ipad
ada ciri² malas nak layan mommy ni bila ambil gambar

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