Friday, May 31, 2013

registration for standard 1

If ikut Selangor, kena register 2 tahun awal for standard 1. Firstly kena register online at MOE tapi since sekolah kat PH tak siap lagi (maybe siap in 2014), kena register at other school first then only transfer. From survey and tanya my friends, they all recommend SK USJ 20 which is about 7km from our house. So register je dulu and nanti tukar. For registration, kena photocopy kid's birth cert, IC parents, sijil nikah, utility bill, copy of registration yang online tu, envelope 4"x9" dan setem rm0.60. Letak dalam envelope semua tu and pass je kat clerk. Clerk will double check with the hard copies and done. For 2015 intake, boleh register sampai end of year, according to the officer kat MOE tu la but best to double check.

nice nya jadi teacher  
mika's school if PH punya belum siap lagi

Done with registration, sempat la pergi Tesco Puchong to buy some stuffs then later on to Pyramid to get some stuffs there. Balik ngam² for lunch then pack and leaving for PD which is in the next entry

monster inc mode in Pyramid 
mika dan kawan²

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