Thursday, May 9, 2013

random post on a thursday

Good morning, assalammualaikum all. Too much hatred going on now in the social media websites especially FB. Semak sangat so I decide to hide mana yang “bising-annoying tak tentu pasal” and finally I can breathe. I don’t need all the negative vibes around me and cukup la kalau tak ganggu my daily life, freedom to do whatever I want every day and if tak change my life now from now good to bad, I’m satisfied. Of course everyone nak the best kan but Alhamdulillah. I bersyukur sangat with what I have now. No need to bising², ungkit² pasal benda yang dah lepas. Move on orang kata. Kalau betul la salah, biar la Allah saja yang balas after all Dia la yang paling berkuasa.

Anyways, traffic was better than yesterday. As planned, I ikut jalan lain sikit masa kat USJ. Boleh la save 10 mins camtu. Not sure if I was lucky ke apa but I hope that route is better la. Again, 3 malam berturut² tertido lepas tidurkan the kids. Gone plan nak tengok GG/Revenge. Sedar² je dah 11pm, tukar diaper Aariq, basuh his bottle then off to sleep. Hubby selalu lupa nak basukan if I tak remind him. Nothing much to tell today, entry tanpa hala tuju namanya ni. Enjoy this video!

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