Wednesday, May 15, 2013

random entry

Had lunch today and it only costs me rm3.50! The cheapest meal I had so far. Ingat mahal sebab I amik sotong, vege and one more dish tapi macam terkejut sebab rm3.50 je. Tapi so far if lunch kat sini, not more than rm5.50 but bersesuaian la kot dengan kedai dia. Just normal warung tepi jalan. If kat CBJ, minimum is rm5 with just one lauk tapi kena consider sewa kedai lagi kan. At least ada jugak one thing yang best dekat sini. rm10 can get you two meals plus fruit here. PJ sebenarnya ok je without the traffic tapi sangat rindu dengan own office. Sini macam tumpang office la, kena ask permission kalau nak buat something and of course we are being watched and monitored. CCTV everywhere even dekat corridor heading to the toilets. I end  this entry with an old photo of mine at my cube in CBJ

this one i google..but yes, macam ni la office CBJ

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