Wednesday, May 1, 2013

public holiday in the middle of the week

It was a public holiday yesterday and the girls and I sort of made plan to meet for breakfast. In the end tak jadi sebab nanti rushing sebab one of the girls need to be at another place at 9.30am so macam kejap sangat nanti. Then hubby and I plan to take the kids out, jalan² tapi Aariq tidur pulak at 10am sampai la pukul 12. By that time it was already lunch hour and we had lunch first at home. Sempat la lepas lunch layan movie R.e.acher then suruh bibik gorengkan keropok lekor for tea. Petang je baru keluar, tu pon for a quick one. We took the kids to SACC mall sebab nak avoid other malls yang may be congested. Lagi pon petang sudah, no need to go that far. The kids enjoyed themselves with the Kiddos Ride. Habis je, terus balik. Itu saja aktiviti masa public holiday. Oh the night before, we watched another movie tapi this time horror punya called Post without objectives..oh well, biar la :)

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