Monday, May 20, 2013

no Fun hoo

Mika was supposed to attend the Fun Camp organised by his school during this coming school break but just received a call from his teacher that the Fun Camp is cancelled due to low participation.  Ada 7 kids je yang enroll and they need at least 10. Ala..kesian Mika. Dia dah la memang nak pergi and we didn’t push him at all to go to this camp but what to do, next time la yer. So nak buat apa cuti sekolah ni? We are only going for the short getaway end of next week. Pity him if duduk rumah je. Duduk rumah best tapi if ada activity lagi best kan? Terpaksa la mommy suruh bibik jadi creative main masak² ke, main color² ke..anything yang boleh occupy his time. Hope hubby will work from home more that 2 weeks.

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