Tuesday, May 21, 2013

MPH warehouse sale!

Just nice sebab time we all kat PJ ni MPH buat warehouse sale. The place is like 5 mins walk je from our temp office. How convenient is that? Ok la, at least something good during our period of stay here. The sale was from 21/5 – 26/5. Banyak borong books for the kids je. Murah then macam comel² je semua. Baju pon for kids, books pon dah bila nak beli barang sendiri ni? Anyways, I only bought one book and 2 more crosswords/puzzle books for myself. Geram tengok books lain tapi ada ke masa nak baca ni? Tuh pon, dah lama tak baca sebab serious no time. Free time only at night lepas the kids tidur but by that time I pon dah tidur or tertidur. Cannot be..must allocate time to read just like old times.

with pregnant mama..comel je my friend ni pregnant and two of my team members
selalu lunch ngan they all la kat sini
books bought on day-1. went for 3 days so triple la from this :)

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