Friday, May 10, 2013

makan dah makan

My colleagues and I had lunch outside today. I suggest makan kat pasar PJ near A&W sebab ada one famous nasi kandar there. Since they all semua agree, dapat la makan nasi kandar Zainul. Portion sangat banyak. Lauk I ambil - ayam goreng (small tapi tak small pon, sangat besar), sayur, telur asin dan papadom. Semua sekali RM6 je! Banyak macam tuh with that price, memang worth it. Sedap memang sedap tapi lupa nak ambil yang serbuk² ayam goreng tu. If ada lagi sedap kot.

nak makan kena angkat² lauk sebab nasi tertimbus

Left the office slightly early today sebab bibik request time-off that evening to attend and help out with a small feast held at her sister’s place. Dah petang sikit, we went for a quick drive, saja bring the kids keluar tapi tak turun pon. Balik baru bring them to the park. Since I’m still full from my lunch, we order Dominos je for dinner sambil tengok movie. What movie I can’t recall tapi dia about this couple entering 40 with a lot of issues to handle. Typical couple tales made into a movie.

my Aloha chicken pizza..mine and mine :)

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